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Meditation and Interfaith day
10:00 AM10:00

Meditation and Interfaith day

Venue: St Ambrose’s Catholic Church Community Centre, 287 Sydney Road, Brunswick.

Details: Shared lunch, tea/coffee provided. Suggested donation $20

Facilitator: Ruth Fowler

Theme: Salvation or Enlightenment?

Using a videoed dialogue between Tibetan Buddhist, Dr Alan Wallace and Benedictine monk, Fr Laurence Freeman, we will explore these understandings. Are Salvation and Enlightenment the same? If so, at what level do – or can – different traditions achieve sameness? Vital as these questions are to good dialogue and mutual understanding, both agree it is in the practice of meditation that the real answers are experienced. The day will therefore include extracts from their talks and discussions, group discussion and times of meditation.

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Lenten Silent Retreat
to Mar 17

Lenten Silent Retreat

Venue: Pallotti College, Millgrove

Leader: Ruth Fowler

Theme: The Spiritual Path: Obedience and Human Flourishing?

In all the major religious traditions, obedience is identified as a foundational practice for those wishing to attain to the goal of union or enlightenment or nirvana. However in western culture today obedience is regarded as an obstacle to human flourishing and for many Christians it carries very negative associations. In my talks I wish to focus on the spiritual path for us as meditators and Christians, and suggest the importance of recovering a contemplative understanding of obedience for human flourishing today.

Further details and registrations to be advised.

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Community Day
2:00 PM14:00

Community Day

Venue: Living Well Centre, St George’s Anglican Church 296 Glenferrie Road, Malvern

Theme: Meditation: Healing & Hope

Tea/coffee provided. Suggested donation $20

Presenter: Liz Watson is a member of The World Community for Christian Meditation and lives in London with her husband Graeme who is also a member of WCCM. She has served the meditation community in various capacities over the past 20 years, including a term as UK National Coordinator. She now focuses on teaching meditation, leading weekend and 7 day retreats and offering spiritual direction. She contributed two chapters to the book The Journey to the Heart on the Christian mystics and recorded the CD Images of Meditation.

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