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Friends Appeal

Meditation could be the most precious gift anyone gives and receives during their lifetime. Thousands of people in over 100 countries are connected by their daily meditation practice.


What is a Friend?

A Friend offers a financial gift to The World Community for Christian Meditation. Donations to Friends can be used to:

  • translate key materials into many languages

  • fund Fr Laurence’s visits to emerging communities

  • teach meditation in schools and in prisons

  • develop new leaders as well as providing support for the journey with the Daily wisdom, weekly readings and teachings, emailed around the world without charge.

Friends donations can also be used to help fund specialist groups dedicated to interfaith dialogue, to those living with cancer, the homeless and those in the 12 Step program. These programs would not be able to be offered without your generous support.

Any donation will be acknowledged and all very gratefully received. There are several giving options:

  1. As a Friend – support WCCM by making a one-off gift

  2. As a Group Friend – support WCCM as a group by make a one-off gift

  3. As a Sustaining Friend – help WCCM plan ahead by committing to a regular gift on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

We invite donations throughout the year however if you are able to commit to a regular gift, this does allow WCCM to plan ahead.

The charitable foundation which paid for the leaflet design will match every gift made to help fund the foundations needed to ensure the long-term future of WCCM.

On behalf of Fr. Laurence Freeman, Director of WCCM:

"A heartfelt thank you for your generosity. Your gift is turned into values on which no price can be placed."

With love and gratitude,

Paul and Judi Taylor, Friends Coordinators

If you want to learn more about Bonnevaux, please click the below link to WCCM.

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