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Our Hearts Burned Within Us: Reading the New Testament with John Main

Our Hearts Burned Within Us: Reading the New Testament with John Main


By Gregory Ryan (Editor),‎ Laurence Freeman (Introduction)

When we look at the New Testament with eyes enlightened by the spirit of Christ burning in our hearts, we cannot but become amazed at the wonder of the destiny that is given to each of us. John Main OSB

After his death in 1982, John Main's personal copy of the New Testa- ment was found to have many passages marked by him. He had highlighted words of inspiration that he used as the basis of his own teaching on meditation. These passages nourished his insight into the Christian meaning of meditation as wordless, imageless prayer.In this book, Gregory Ryan matches these passages of Scripture with extracts from John Main's own writings on the same verses. This empowers our understanding of the familiar words to be illuminated and refreshed by John Main's insight: By meditating we respond to Jesus' call to faith and open ourselves to the riches of the divine reality within us. His insight helps us see why we meditate in Christian faith and why the mantra is a sacred means of letting go of distraction and becoming 'like little children'.

Gregory Ryan has arranged this collection to make it ideal for use as short readings before or after morning and evening meditation times - a contemplative form of the centuries-old tradition of lectio divina. Practical guidance is also given on how to meditate for those who are new to this way of prayer, thus making the book ideal for newcomers as well as those already meditating.

Gregory Ryan learned to meditate from John Main and has been following Fr John's teaching for more than thirty years. Gregory has been leading a weekly meditation group since 1981 and was received as an oblate of the community by John Main the same year. He started the first website for The World Community for Christian Meditation.

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