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Monastery without Walls: The Spiritual Letters of John Main

Monastery without Walls: The Spiritual Letters of John Main


By John Main

Much of today's fascination with and attraction to the Rule of St. Benedict can be attributed to John Main, a Benedictine monk, who first saw that this rule of life for monastic communities could be relevant for Christian living in the secular world. He founded a community of lay people who shared his vision and from this small beginning has grown. The World Community for Christian Meditation which today is active in numerous countries around the world and has thousands of members and associates. Its work, and its emphasis on meditation, derives directly from the Benedictine focus on prayer and lectio divina or holy reading. Right up to the end of his life in 1982, John Main wrote a series of remarkable letters of spiritual direction to WCCM's growing family. Two collections have previously been published and are now out of print and the complete letters are now published in this single volume. Together they constitute a volume of remarkable spiritual wisdom and insight, as fresh and relevant for today as when they were first written. LAURENCE FREEMAN osb is a Benedictine monk who worked with John Main from the beginning and is very much his successor. He runs the London Christian Meditation Centre and travels the world giving seminars and workshops on the work of John Main. He is based at the Monastery of Christ the King, Cockfosters.

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