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John Main Memorial Eucharist 2007 - Audio CD

John Main Memorial Eucharist 2007 - Audio CD


A Celebration of His Life and Spiritual Legacy
Memorial Eucharist

At Westminster Cathedral, London, 
29 December 2007

John Main had a deep mystical wonder for the Eucharist which arose out of and was deepened by his lifelong faith, his celebration of the sacrament and his meditation…

So it is appropriate for the World Community to culminate the celebration of this anniversary year with the holy communion of this sacrament especially in the Church where John Main as a young boy used his voice to praise God in song.

Being part of this great Anniversary Celebration Mass for John Main was indeed a very humbling and deeply moving experience for me. There was also the realisation that we are part of a global community whose prayer continues in our hearts day and night -- the prayer of Jesus who envelopes us in this powerful mystery. 

For those who were not there in person at this celebration of a great contemplative teacher, they will have the opportunity of feeling time converge and a sense that they are really present as they listen to the recording. They will be caught up in the beauty of the liturgy, in the prayer, and in the mystery of the Risen Christ. 

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