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John Main: A Biography

John Main: A Biography


By Paul Harris

JOHN MAIN OSB (1926-1982) is recognized as one of themajor spiritual teachers of the twentieth century. His teachingon contemplative prayer has transformed many livesworldwide and his influence continues to grow.

John Main taught that to be with God does not requirewords, thoughts or images, but the silent consciousness ofa Presence. He reminds us that the spiritual pilgrimageinvites us to have the courage to become more and moresilent. The journey starts when we accept the discipline ofsilence, stillness and simplicity.

This booklet tells the story of John Main through letters,anecdotes, and reminiscences by family, friends and colleagues. A collection of photographs adds a persona touch to this story. The booklet gives a new dimension to our understanding of the man, the monk, and his teaching. Fr Laurence Freeman, Fr John’s spiritual successor, says: “It is important to see how John Main’s pilgrimage and mission were fully inserted into his humanity. It is the authenticity of his life that in the final analysis teaches us.”

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