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First Sight: The Experience of Faith

First Sight: The Experience of Faith


In his latest book, Laurence Freeman shows that the basic experience of contemplation is the experience of faith and that we all need to develop this in order to become fully human. We are all capable of it - indeed we are designed for it.

Freeman re-defines faith for our secular age. He draws on his wide experience and travels in the modern world to show how a new sense of the spiritual dimension can transform the way we approach education, business, mental health, the environment, inter-religious dialogue and our view of ourselves in society.

Moving from this new vision and fresh thinking, illustrated vividly from his own life experience, he leads to practice. Meditation, he shows, offers an accessible and attractive antidote to the current cult of speed and distraction. He does not deny that this needs discipline but because it is radically simple it is a path that all can integrate.

First Sight is the sequel to Laurence Freeman's acclaimed book Jesus: the Teacher Within.

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